You Can Make Soup From Anything

Daddy sits on the front porch swinging,
Looking out on a vacant field.
Used to be filled with burley t’bacca.
Now he knows it never will.

I’ve been a long time gone ….

…. and, that’s not really where my thoughts were dangling, but you know – I can’t go past dropping in a dash of song lyrics here and there.  That’s just a thing for me.  If you are here, it’s possible that you totally get that.

What led me here on this not so chilly Sydney winter’s eve?  Mostly just that I was sat, here in this tonight very quiet house, with my hands on the keyboard and no plans to go anywhere anytime soon – for the first time in what seems like a very long time.  And I thought – well, I thought … damn but those keys feel good under my fingertips.  And I also thought – that’s a mighty fine bowl of soup I have before me!

cream of curried bean soup

There it is.  A bit of a mash up.  Not Masterchef quality, but a filling, nutritious and tasty meal for one.  I made a black eyed bean stew a few days ago.  It was OK.  Not particularly memorable, but a good starter kit for other meals and a good filler for eating with other things.  Some of it ended up as some really damned good dukka coated patties and tonight’s iteration?  A red curry and yoghurt cream of bean soup.  It was good.  Possibly even memorable.  Time will tell.

I was on the phone to a friend earlier.  She was telling me she was going to make cauliflower soup tonight.  I asked her if she had a particular brand of cheese dip – she sure did!  The last time Tess and I made cauliflower soup together, we were looking for something to add, to give it a bit of extra something, and we both had partially eaten little terracotta pots of cheese dip – Chris’s dip, I believe.  Maybe that’s not how you spell it – but you know – this is not a product platform, so whatever.  Having said that – if you ARE making cauliflower soup, it has the capacity to elevate the soup from good to awesome.  Definitely a memorable soup, that one.  Or was it?

Apparently my dear friends’ dearly beloved (side note – spell correct doesn’t really help with apostrophising stuff, is that even a word?  I don’t know – but I can tell you with great confidence it’s not a skill set that I have.  But you already knew that, didn’t you?).  Anyhoo and anyway – the ‘other half’ of my friends’ domestic arrangements announced (allegedly) two things.  Number one: that he didn’t like cauliflower soup, and number two: that she had (I surmise this bit came after a bit of possible argy bargy, but that could just be my suspicious mind) …. as I was saying per number two – she had (allegedly) never made him cauliflower soup.

I (have this sudden urge to call you ‘dear reader’ – I don’t know where it’s coming from but for now I’m going to blame Lorraine Elliot at Not Quite Nigella – I also hope it stops soon!) and (as I was saying before rudely interrupted by my own thoughts) – I did have to ask the question ….. considering that it was the sore thumb in the room (don’t you just love a mixed metaphor!) …. if she has never made him cauliflower soup, then how does he know this?  Anyways, to the best of my memory he ate cauliflower soup the night my friend and I made it together.  I guess this could mean a couple of things.  Number one being (lol) he was just being polite and number two being that I was probably classifiably “the cook” that night and this is possibly how he knows he doesn’t like cauliflower soup.

Food for thought.  Soup for thought perhaps even.

I’m also starting to wonder if overuse of brackets is as surely the sign of an unsound mind as the overuse of apostrophes.  Thoughts for another time.  There are always thoughts for another time.  That’s one of the greatest things about being alive on this planet.  There is so much to do, so much to know, so many wonderful and vibrant ideas to explore!

Soup is one of those.  Timeless.  Comforting.  Useful.  Gratifying.  Nourishing.  Delightful.  Delicious.  Who has not sung the praises of, told a story about, or made a memory formed around – soup?

Soup can be whatever you need it to be.  Like life, soup can be a little surprising and take the occasional remarkable twist or turn.  Truly – with very few exceptions, pretty much whatever you have on hand can be turned into soup.  Have you ever heard the “Stone Soup” folk tale?  I like it.  It kind of says, in a round about fashion, that even when we have very little, if we all pitch in, something nourishing that feeds us all can be pulled together from it, even if sometimes there has to be a bit of a mental trick to getting there in the end.  This is the power of soup.  And such, is true in fact (for those of us blessed with clean air, clean water and safety) of life.

Funny old world.  Funny old life.  So many things to tell you – but tonight is about soup, and about being at home and kicking back.  I also want to do some reading, and some study.  Some more of the stuff that has been keeping me away from here so much for so long.  It’s all good.  Life, like soup, has it’s seasons.

May you have health, may you have joy, may you have love, may you have plenty.  And may you have soup!


My brother found work in Indiana,
Sister’s a nurse at the old folks home.
Mama’s still cooking too much for supper,
And me, I’ve been a long time gone.